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Transport logistics

Transport logistics covers all the processes in logistics that are necessary for transport within Germany and Europe. We transport general cargo, bulk goods and container transports in combined transport. Our goal is the optimisation of transport with regard to loading, unloading, utilization, transfer and identification.

Tugboat traffic and pushed shipping

With our tugs and pushers (drive unit), couplable barges (transport containers) and pontoons, we transport goods of almost any size to their destination. The advantages of tugboat traffic and pushed shipping are characterised above all by the separated driving force and the individual couplable loading chambers. We therefore haul or push various objects such as lighters, barges, docks, pontoons, berths and haul away ships for our customers.

Construction site logistics

Our waterside construction site logistics ensures a complete construction site for water construction sites and deals with the supply and disposal of construction sites with gravel, silt, water building blocks, pipes and sheet piling and thus ensures the smooth operation of construction sites.

General cargo transportation

Transport of general and project cargoes. We transport boxes, flat racks, open top containers with oversized parts as well as machine and plant parts for you on the waterway.


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